Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our "Mantis Rototiller Garden" RESULTS!

Dear Mantis Rototiller Friends,

FINALLY! Here are the results of our garden! See the video below. :) Just today, John went into the garden and AGAIN came out with about 3 pounds of yellow beans and a handful of beautiful carrots! It's going to be a feast of veggies for the next month or so here!

Anyway, the video below shows what the garden looks like right now. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mantis Rototiller and Spring Tilling!

Hello Fellow Mantis Rototiller Users and Friends!

Yikes! I was just reminded by a kind reader that I had NOT updated this blog in a while! I promised to show you our Mantis Rototiller in ACTION, and I mean to keep my promise!

Although it's already August, I did take some videos the day we finally had good enough weather to do the planting. In many parts of the country, early June is already the height of summer weather, but up here in the mountains of New Hampshire, it's still springtime.

I did the filming on June 6th (you can see that we still have lilacs in the opening scene with the butterfly) - and it was truly one of those days where all is well with the world.

Anyway, here I have - for your viewing pleasure - the video of "Tilling and Planting Day!"
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