Sunday, May 22, 2011

Introducing OUR Mantis Tiller - Our Beloved Small Garden Cultivator!

I promised that when we got home and took our own beloved Mantis Tiller out of winter storage, I would show it to you. Voila! This is the FIRST nice day since we've been back in New Hampshire, and so we decided to get our salad greens and flower beds ready.

John took our old Mantis Rototiller out of the garage, and while he DID have to replace the spark plug, he got it back up and running in no time. We have the 2-cycle model, so it takes the gas/oil mix.

So, there we have it... A somewhat sunny day, good old fashioned dirt, our Mantis Tiller, and a few packages of lettuce seeds and flower seeds - and we can officially hale the start of Gardening season!

(Next week, John will get SERIOUS and begin the "big" garden.)

Below are some GREAT deals on Mantis Tillers (If you're price conscious, Amazon has really got the best prices I've seen), so get yours now!
Kath :)

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