Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Best Way to Buy Your Mantis Rototiller FROM Mantis Themselves!

When it comes to buying your Mantis Rototiller DIRECTLY from Mantis, if you prefer to do it that way, I would like you to go to my Small Garden Tillers For Sale - Mantis Rototiller page at Portable Garages and Shelters. This is where I am posting the products directly since I have been accepted as an affiliate for the company. (Yay!)

You will still be buying directly from Mantis - but when you go through my links on that page, I will be given a small commission as my payment for helping market the product.

And why not order through someone like me, who is a VERY satisfied owner of a Mantis rototiller myself! :)

Again, you can access small garden Mantis Tillers for sale directly at www.PortableGaragesAndShelters.com/small-garden-tillers-for-sale

Thank you so much for your support!
:) Kath
PS: If you want to buy your Mantis Rototiller from Amazon, look no further than my Mantis page here, where I've got a bunch listed right there for you! :) (or simply browse through Amazon's image carousel below to see their offerings!)

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