Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Buying From Mantis Direct Vs Amazon

Should you purchase your Mantis through Amazon (such as in my links here at this blog) or from Mantis itself?  (You can see the links here at my Portable Garages and Shelters "Small Garden Tillers" page)

If you buy your Mantis Rototiller through a link that sells directly from the company, you are protected by the company's 1-year money-back guarantee. If you purchse your Mantis Cultivator through the Amazon links, you may not be covered by that guarantee. It's your choice, and either way you are getting a good price.

As you can see, I like Mantis Rototillers. I am an affiliate marketer for Mantis - which means I can offer links to the company and its products on my websites. So, if you would like to order from the company itself, I invite you to visit my website where I have the product feed in my Small Garden Tillers For Sale page here. (PS: I thank you very much for your support!)

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