Friday, February 25, 2011

The Mantis XP 16-inch Tiller - Larger and newer style

Oh wow... I was just looking over at my Portable Garages and Shelters small garden tillers for sale page, and noticed when I clicked on one of the items, that Mantis now has a larger model - it is a little more expensive ($599), and yet it's bigger and stronger.

The tilling width is 16 inches versus 9 inches. I can't put the link here in this blog because of the agreement I have as an affiliate for Mantis - but I was able to put their product feed in my small garden tillers for sale page. So you can access it there.

It also has a powerful Honda 4-cycle 35 cc engine. This all makes it a little heavier than the other models, but at only 34 pounds, it's still pretty light!

Again, if you buy from my links at the page, you'll be buying DIRECT from Mantis - which is good if you are looking for the 1-year money back guarantee protection.

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