Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What about the Electric Mantis Tiller Cultivator?

Electric Mantis Tiller
Ok... So what about the ELECTRIC Mantis Tiller? Why would I still use my gas powered 2-cycle Mantis when I could have a quieter electric model?

Yes, the Electric Mantis Tiller is DEFINITELY quieter - which would be expected on a non-gasoline powered tool.

But, in our case, it really isn't all that practical - for two major reason (this is just applicable to me folks!):
1) Our garden space is far enough away from the house to make running a cord somewhat awkward.

2) When I'm working in the garden, I kind of go into a "zone" where I'm not thinking about much other than the task at hand. I love looking at the dirt being churned up - it's almost a little mesmerizing for me - and if I had to concentrate on being aware of maneuvering an electric cord while I'm dancing with my little Mantis Cultivator (sometimes I push forward, sometimes I "pull" it for a change of pace), then I wouldn't feel as "free."

Again, this is just me! :)

BUT... having said that, if I lived in a neighborhood where the yards were smaller and closer together, and where the garden spaces were a little closer to the house, I would ABSOLUTELY consider the Electric Mantis Tiller.

It IS quieter than the gas-powered models (although the 4-cycle model is quieter than the 2-cycle model). This is certainly something that would be appreciated by the neighbors. :)

A couple of quick specs on the Electric Mantis Tiller/Cultivator:
  • It weighs only 21 pounds.
  • The 540 watt, 115 volt, 3/4 hp (horse power) motor moves the tines up to 240 rpm.
  • The motor has a built-in circuit breaker.
  • It cuts a 9" path, and the tilling depth is 10".
Oh - and as far as price goes, it runs about the same as the 2-cycle gas-powered small Mantis rototiller.
So, this one might work great for you!

Here are the best prices for the Electric Mantis Tiller/Cultivator:

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